Conscious reconnection & transformation



I’m Denise and I can help you to reconnect.

I offer Seventh Wave Therapy as a transformative space,

working as an integrative psychotherapist,
counsellor, couple therapist & coach.


Surfing legend tells of waves travelling in packs and that the seventh wave is always the biggest one.


Seventh Wave Therapy is an approach offering you the knowledge, tools and support to learn how to avoid being submerged and to ride your wave.

I know first-hand how debilitating and hopeless you can feel when you’ve experienced all or any of the above issues. It can be a lonely spot and hard to see a way forward.


They are waves I have wrestled with personally.

Now I work with others to create meaningful and sustainable changes working with body, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs.

Common waves I can help you with.

It is a privilege for me to accompany you on your own voyage of self-discovery and transformation.


I really look forward to hearing from you.


Call me today for a free telephone consultation to find out how I might be able to help you take your next step forward.



"We came to Denise when we were at a crisis in our marriage, due to adjustment problems after having a baby. It was very much at breaking point and I’m almost certain that if we had not chosen to get help we would have separated. Denise was kind, warm, understanding, empathetic and challenging. She was fair and listened thoroughly, ensuring that she understood both of our perspectives, and helping us to empathise with each other through looking at our individual histories using a genogram. To gain a better understand of where we were both coming from was so vital to the recovery of the relationship, and has helped us gain perspective on what we represent for each other, what our triggers are, and what we need from the relationship.“


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Couples Therapy


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"When I came to you I had no clue how you might begin to be able to help me with my binge eating issues - I honestly felt so low and lost. In my short time with you I feel like we were able to cover so much ground and I saw my self in a new light. You listened to me and I felt like as I was able to get to know myself all over again but from a place of understanding that I never thought would be possible for me. I feel like a new woman and I not only don't have the binge urge, I am growing a new relationship with myself and my food and the way I look at my body. Thank you so much - I really enjoyed working with you and cannot recommend your work highly enough!"


Researcher, Manchester UK

Weight Therapy