It takes courage to notice when you feel distressed by events in life and then to talk about it with a professional outside familiar friends and family groups.
Rather than a ‘quick fix’ for the here and now, choosing to talk about what is troubling you opens the door to the potential of sustainable well-being and self-fulfilment for a lifetime to come.


When our minds regularly leap to worst-case scenarios, worry and self-defeating behaviours can occur. We can then become confused, conflicted, defeated and lose our centre.


It’s perfectly natural to want to keep things inside or try and brush them aside. The way we naturally handle these challenges may be coping mechanisms learnt from family figures and through reacting to the unexpected stuff of life and experiences had along the way.


But when a persistent feeling or worry grows and impacts behaviour, relationships, performance or decision making it can signal an imbalance which could benefit from being explored further.


Our clients often come to us feeling or experiencing one or more of the following:-

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Feeling stuck.  |  Unfulfilled potential.  |  Lack of meaning in life.

Persistent worry / Anxiety.  |  Feeling stressed.  |  Challenges relating to others.

Low self-esteem / Confidence.  |  Low mood / Depression.  |  Lethargy.

Sleep disturbance.  |  Isolation / Loneliness.  |  Resistance to self-care.

Here at Seventh Wave Therapy, we create a private reflective space for our clients to work on the issues front of mind. We are alongside the client every step of the way to develop and strengthen their mental and emotional wellbeing. As clients come to recognise the source of their symptoms and triggers, the spell of the old patterns of thinking and behaviour is broken and they lose their power. New insights and psychic energy offer the potential to move beyond prior limitations of thought or attitude.


The sort of therapeutic outcomes may be one or more of the following, forming a cornerstone in personal and professional growth:-

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Broader developmental perspective.  |  Re-connecting to their intrinsic motivations.

Finding greater meaning in life.  |  Discovering feelings.

Ability to trust instincts.  |  Better able to understand emotions.

A sense of self-identity, one’s voice in the world.  |  Knowing personal values in life.

Capacity for relatedness with others.  |  Recognising capacity for control; boundaries.

Improved sleep quality/patterns.  |  Acceptance.  |  Letting go.

Improved energy levels.  |  Capacity for more informed decision making.

We will listen to and ascertain your current issues in the initial session to help inform which therapy is best suited to meeting your needs.

Our methods can help build techniques and strategies to handle a range of work-orientated situations:


Performance issues e.g. fulfilling potential, coping with performance criticism

Transitions e.g. promotion, redundancy, returning to work after maternity/sabbatical

Dealing with conflict | Planning an exit strategy  |  Boundary setting

Expectations of self and others  |  Communication challenges

Overwhelm  |  Feeling like an imposter  |  Self confidence


I thoroughly enjoyed my therapeutic coaching sessions with Denise.
Her unique style which marries psychotherapy with occupational therapy made the sessions more engaging, more personal and yielded really impactful results. I was inspired by her warm and energetic style, the time she took to get to know me and my organisation, the depth with which we went through the psychometric test results and the positive differences I have been able to make as a result of our work together. I feel it has made a real difference in my professional life and I would highly recommend Denise to other professionals seeking a great way to advance their careers and development.





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I recommend Denise and her services wholeheartedly – her quiet integrity was there with me every step of the way over the course of my transition. Anyone going through a redundancy needs to work with someone who really cares about what you’re going through, relates to it and can provide a therapeutic element to the coaching. I hope more professionals like me are offered an outplacement service like this in the future. I found it to be a positive and productive experience overall, which most importantly removed my heavy burden of guilt and feeling like a failure by readying me for the sharper road ahead. Unexpectedly I also think I became more understanding and empathetic along the way.