We provide both a pragmatic and holistic developmental intervention that dovetails people infrastructure while meeting the needs of the individual’s unique circumstances.


Our therapeutic practice is grounded in organisational realities and means we are able to offer organisations the following coaching sessions:


Outplacement solutions combining therapeutic support with practical tailored career coaching

Maternity coaching pre and post birth to facilitate and support return to work

Graduate coaching to bridge the gap between university life and navigating corporate realities

Leadership coaching to reflect on personal style, values and competencies – big picture

Space to be for professionals wishing to decompress and mull over their professional developmental and performance focus and evaluations pre and post formal performance reviews.



We have over 20 years of innovative HR experience creating, designing and implementing effective people infrastructure.


We work as a collaborative partner to Boards and Executive management sponsors with a passion for creative problem solving to get the best from people at work.


Our track record of expertise includes:

Every business we encounter is unique. If you have particular challenges or aims and there is something that you would like us to create for you,
please get in touch.

Today, successful organisations and their leadership understand the psychological, ethical and material value of mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.


It takes courage to acknowledge the complexity of human nature.


Even though we naturally prefer to operate from the rational parts of ourselves, conscious and unconscious dynamics have the potential to propel or derail good work at any time.


estimates that impaired work efficiency (‘presenteeism’) due to mental ill health costs £15.1 billion, or £605 for every employee in the United Kingdom which is almost twice the estimated £8.4 billion annual cost of absenteeism.

At Seventh Wave Therapy, we believe in the importance of recognising that work is also a potential anchor of psychological wellbeing over the course of our working life.

I thoroughly enjoyed my therapeutic coaching sessions with Denise.
Her unique style which marries psychotherapy with occupational therapy made the sessions more engaging, more personal and yielded really impactful results. I was inspired by her warm and energetic style, the time she took to get to know me and my organisation, the depth with which we went through the psychometric test results and the positive differences I have been able to make as a result of our work together. I feel it has made a real difference in my professional life and I would highly recommend Denise to other professionals seeking a great way to advance their careers and development.





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I recommend Denise and her services wholeheartedly – her quiet integrity was there with me every step of the way over the course of my transition. Anyone going through a redundancy needs to work with someone who really cares about what you’re going through, relates to it and can provide a therapeutic element to the coaching. I hope more professionals like me are offered an outplacement service like this in the future. I found it to be a positive and productive experience overall, which most importantly removed my heavy burden of guilt and feeling like a failure by readying me for the sharper road ahead. Unexpectedly I also think I became more understanding and empathetic along the way.