Therapeutic coaching integrates coaching and psychotherapeutic practice. This means, we work at depth to explore deep unconscious patterns and also consider the conscious performance and behavioural level, according to the client’s preferred area of focus and need.



Our approach first and foremost is to listen to our clients, their motivation for coming and best hopes for the outcome.


Taking a psychodynamic coaching perspective, the coaching relationship with the client is itself a source of insight. We look at what is happening at the emotional level; areas of conflicting thoughts and feelings; patterns of defence for dealing with these contradictions and how earlier life experience may influence these patterns of behaviour. This is particularly salient when considering the way issues at a group level e.g. at work, may be affecting wellbeing, performance and functioning.



This method creates the possibility for the client to explore long-held unconscious patterns of thoughts, behaviours and/or feelings that may be influencing their ‘here and now’ and future potential self. In this way, coaching works as might psychotherapy, delivering on-going long-term therapy. Where they differ is that coaching enables the client to bring practical professional challenges from the workplace to their sessions for solutions-oriented approaches to everyday performance and functioning. This is only possible with professionals trained and experienced in both coaching and psychotherapeutic modalities, backed by commercial expertise. The initial session and client goals help to inform the best approach. We do not have a uniform approach and are committed to working alongside each client, treating them as individuals as they achieve their best personalised success.



We can offer the option of a psychometric assessment when appropriate to add insight and perspective to a client’s therapeutic coaching provision. Seventh Wave Therapy offer Hogan psychometric assessments, finding them to be practical and insightful for professional applications, helping clients understand their unconscious drivers, likely reputation/impressions and coping strategies under pressure. There is also the option of 180º/360 º /720 º feedback to overlay psychometric assessment insights.

It can make such a difference talking to a trusted professional about what you carry around inside.


You may wonder how talking therapies work. What on earth can you bring to talk about and worry that it will feel odd entering a therapeutic setting.


All this is completely understandable. In fact, it is good to emphasise the importance of working with someone you feel comfortable with and who is best suited in terms of their training and experience to work with you.



If we go back to the essence of talking therapy models they involve identifying and quantifying what is happening to you at the moment; breaking it down gently to explore different aspects; pursuing what they mean to you today, finally absorbing and integrating the useful bits and dispelling the rest. It’s like a psychological digestion if you like!



Methods at Seventh Wave Therapy are based around:-






At times life can be complicated and you may find yourself ill prepared to deal with what is happening, what it means and unsure who or where to turn.


Psychotherapy works at a deep level of gentle unfolding to help people understand and make sense of their own life story and who they find themselves to be today.


You set the pace with your desire to explore or seek meaning and may choose to explore unconscious drivers of memories, feelings, family, relationships, experiences, work or health issues.  Some clients bring their dreams.


In doing so, together we create space for renewed awareness in the present moment, a capacity for reflection and realisations. You’ll be given opportunities to temper internal and outer conflicts and re-establish connections to a sense of Self and authentic values.



There are many therapeutic approaches in the field of psychotherapy.

At Seventh Wave Therapy we offer an integration of Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytical and Jungian analysis approaches according to our clients’ needs and preference.



This is based on psychodynamic principles of how past experiences from childhood can influence present issues in terms of the capacity to oneself and others. Sessions have firm boundaries to facilitate holding and containment of the therapeutic relationship and material. The process of transference and countertransference is also used. Here, the client responds to the psychotherapist ‘as if’ they are symbolic of a past or significant relationship. Countertransference is the therapist’s reaction to the client as part of the same process.


Psychodynamic therapy has a wide application and is the preferred modality for therapeutic coaching here at Seventh Wave Therapy. It is suitable for both short-term and long-term psychotherapy.



Rooted in the work of Freud and Klein, it works on painful or traumatic childhood experiences that remain in the unconscious mind, guarded by defence mechanisms such as denial and repression. In adulthood, defence mechanisms can lead to depression, anxiety, anger or other persistent emotional problems. It is similar to a psychodynamic approach in that it uses transference and countertransference. The therapist acts as a blank canvas, listening and being with the client and helping draw attention to the client’s body language, expressions and energetic transfers in session.



A comprehensive approach to the psyche based on the psychology of Carl Jung. It respects the individuality of each client and the psyche’s innate wisdom and healing power by engaging with the client’s strengths and undeveloped potential for personal growth and healing.

It is most beneficial for clients seeking a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and vitality in their lives through long-term therapy. It stands out by offering the client an opportunity to work with dreams as a language of the unconscious mind.



Being present in the moment is a way to pay attention to thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations without judgement. Mindfulness is a practice rooted in Buddhist meditation and contemplative traditions and increasingly shared in secular form.


It invites the seeds of mindful self-compassion to build muscles in emotional strength and resilience. It can increase feelings of contentment, reduce anxiety and depression and create connections to the body and senses. If appropriate, we introduce our clients to mindfulness techniques and practices and these can be developed through guided meditation and working with the breath.


Our therapeutic work with clients is clinical and as such is supervised on a regular basis in accordance with BACP standards of ethical practice. The purpose of supervision is to act as an external consultant to review our client work and support the therapist’s professional development.



Significantly, research consistently suggests that the most successful clinical outcomes in therapy are down to the strength of the relationship between the client and the therapist, regardless of which theoretical approach is used. It is therefore really important to take your time to find a psychotherapist you feel comfortable with, who has suitable clinical training and accreditation.


The therapeutic alliance between the psychotherapist and client at Seventh Wave Therapy is an intuitive and empathic collaboration with our clients to work through and re-examine their life story.

I thoroughly enjoyed my therapeutic coaching sessions with Denise.
Her unique style which marries psychotherapy with occupational therapy made the sessions more engaging, more personal and yielded really impactful results. I was inspired by her warm and energetic style, the time she took to get to know me and my organisation, the depth with which we went through the psychometric test results and the positive differences I have been able to make as a result of our work together. I feel it has made a real difference in my professional life and I would highly recommend Denise to other professionals seeking a great way to advance their careers and development.





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I recommend Denise and her services wholeheartedly – her quiet integrity was there with me every step of the way over the course of my transition. Anyone going through a redundancy needs to work with someone who really cares about what you’re going through, relates to it and can provide a therapeutic element to the coaching. I hope more professionals like me are offered an outplacement service like this in the future. I found it to be a positive and productive experience overall, which most importantly removed my heavy burden of guilt and feeling like a failure by readying me for the sharper road ahead. Unexpectedly I also think I became more understanding and empathetic along the way.