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"Denial is a useful defence
mechanism until it's not."

Rosalind Kaplan

It’s natural to try and avoid painful feelings and seek out more pleasurable distractions in life. The way internal struggles tend to be handled is often due to momentary learnt coping mechanisms in early life.


Whilst it might have served you well then, you may be receiving signals that it no longer serves your emotional and psychological needs today.


So when a persistent unhelpful response grows and starts impacting your behaviour, thoughts, emotions, self-worth, lifestyle or relationships, you know when it's time to take a different approach.

There is no one specific point in life when you might expect to need therapy. You might struggle with depression,  anxiety or perhaps difficulty containing your anger or  stresses at work. Perhaps you have an addiction ?


Choosing to start therapy is the first step. The most important thing is to find the right therapist for you - someone you feel comfortable with enough to speak freely and who has experience in your area of need.


You may have a goal in mind for what you'd like to change and how you'd like to experience aspects of life differently. If not that's ok - it's something we can work on together.


Clients often arrive feeling or experiencing one or more of the following:-

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Feeling stuck.  |  Unfulfilled potential.  |  Lack of meaning in life.

Persistent worry / Anxiety.  |  Feeling stressed.  |  Challenges relating to others.

Low self-esteem / Confidence.  |  Low mood / Depression.  |  Lethargy.

Sleep disturbance.  |  Isolation / Loneliness.  |  Resistance to self-care.

I provide a private reflective space for you to identify, unpack and to process the issues at the forefront of your mind.


My approach is flexible to meet your needs and the nature of our work together. I offer coaching, coach-therapy and psychotherapy methods of working according to our area of focus from behavioural (such as habit formation) to depth therapeutic work (such as patterns and associations from early life to now).


Our focus is to identify the roots of your unhelpful responses and triggers and in doing so, breaking the spell of these old patterns.


We foster new levels of self awareness, acceptance, self-regulation and coping strategies, offering you the potential to move beyond limiting systems of belief.


The sort of outcomes may be one or more of the following, forming a cornerstone in personal and professional growth:-

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Broader developmental perspective.  |  Re-connecting to their intrinsic motivations.

Finding greater meaning in life.  |  Discovering feelings.

Ability to trust instincts.  |  Better able to understand emotions.

A sense of self-identity, one’s voice in the world.  |  Knowing personal values in life.

Capacity for relatedness with others.  |  Recognising capacity for control; boundaries.

Improved sleep quality/patterns.  |  Acceptance.  |  Letting go.

Improved energy levels.  |  Capacity for more informed decision making.


You can contact me today to arrange a free telephone consultation to find out how I can help you. We discover how we can work together with no obligation.


This call is a great way to see if you feel comfortable talking to me and for me to gauge if I am best placed to help you at this time and to understand your goals.


The next step is to schedule our online or in-person sessions to fit with your schedule.


"We came to Denise when we were at a crisis in our marriage, due to adjustment problems after having a baby. It was very much at breaking point and I’m almost certain that if we had not chosen to get help we would have separated. Denise was kind, warm, understanding, empathetic and challenging. She was fair and listened thoroughly, ensuring that she understood both of our perspectives, and helping us to empathise with each other through looking at our individual histories using a genogram. To gain a better understand of where we were both coming from was so vital to the recovery of the relationship, and has helped us gain perspective on what we represent for each other, what our triggers are, and what we need from the relationship.“


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"When I came to you I had no clue how you might begin to be able to help me with my binge eating issues - I honestly felt so low and lost. In my short time with you I feel like we were able to cover so much ground and I saw my self in a new light. You listened to me and I felt like as I was able to get to know myself all over again but from a place of understanding that I never thought would be possible for me. I feel like a new woman and I not only don't have the binge urge, I am growing a new relationship with myself and my food and the way I look at my body. Thank you so much - I really enjoyed working with you and cannot recommend your work highly enough!"


Researcher, Manchester UK

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