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I believe in learning to trust the body’s intuition and that symptoms relating to weight and food are outer symbols of inner turmoil.

Food, eating and weight issues can be emotionally charged landscapes.


Breaking free from them may feel impossible. Diets don't work and your relationship with food and eating patterns runs so deep it might feel like part of your identity.


You see, the calories in calories out diets don't work on the whole because it's not just about the food.


Food and eating rituals are behavioural methods of distraction you probably learnt a long time ago, and you're not alone there. Distraction from uncomfortable emotions, experiences and thoughts you want to escape from.


Throughout life you ingest the environment around you and learn how to live through each moment. What tends to stick are the distraction or survival techniques you experience as most effective to meet your perceived needs at the time.


It's not by accident it's called comfort eating! But what are you really hungry for?

Do you find that diets just don't work but you're not sure how to solve the problem of your relationship with food and eating?


Are you struggling with weight gain and body image ?


Do you long to be free from the feast or famine battle and how that impacts your self image?

It is likely that your focus on weight, food and eating patterns has kept you away from some yet to be identified areas of internal conflict until now. Until these are brought to light this choice of distraction will remain unresolved in the long term.


Your relief through the outlet of a preferred eating behaviours such as binge eating, disordered eating, comfort eating or stress eating is temporary and creates a vicious cycle of guilt, self judgement followed by relief seeking behaviour which in itself is an addictive trap.

“To be free we must change the way we see, not the way we look”

Anita Johnston

Take advantage of my free consultation call today. I am here to listen to you and to understand what you'd like to change and overcome.


Unhelpful eating patterns I work with:


Binge eating
Emotional Eating
Stress Eating
Disordered Eating


Have you been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?


Together we can be curious about the root issues as well as introduce some practical skills and tools to re-establish a new relationship to food, behaviours and your body.


I’ll get a sense of your body story your food scripts and your best hopes for therapy.  Our work together will identify unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, underlying fear, secrets and judgement and where these may have their foundations.


I pull on a broad range of practical therapeutic and coaching approaches, from behavioural to holistic. As such, I can work on strategies to change habits as well as more creatively with symbols, guided visualisations, myth, metaphor, archetypal patterns and a holistic awareness of our embodied nature and potential blockages.


I can offer some well researched nutritional principles for your consideration and can refer you to suitable nutritional professionals for tailored dietary guidance and testing.


You can also work with me from diverse locations in the UK and across the globe in the comfort of your own home with my online sessions for weight loss counselling.

“I have a body, I am not my body”

Roberto Assagioli


As we engage in the work together we’ll create space for increased awareness of inner conflict, triggers and rituals.


I will support you to establish coping strategies and to build greater emotional resilience, self-compassion and internal integrations. You will be empowered to   grow a more balanced and informed relationship with your body and its signals to you. A broader awareness of your environmental digestion and opportunities for greater discernment and general lifestyle decision making.

“Making peace with food requires that you transition from a place of fear to a place of love”

Anita Johnston

Working with me is for those of you seeking a deep holistic but also practical and lasting approach to reconnecting and transforming your relationships with your authentic self, your body and food.


Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and battling mentally and emotionally to manage weight gain, irregular periods, depression, excessive hair growth (hirsutism), hair loss, infertility?


PCOS is a condition that can affect your fertility, hormones, weight and some elements of your appearance. It affects 1 in 5 women in the UK. Symptoms of PCOS vary – depression and psychological issues can also result from living with the symptoms of PCOS. You can learn more about PCOS through Verity here:


I have found that a number of clients wanting to work with me have a PCOS diagnosis and try to manage their symptoms in secrecy on a daily basis. It is a syndrome I have personal experience of and I offer my therapeutic knowledge, training and personal insights to work with clients seeking support to manage their mental and emotional health.


A healthy lifestyle is recommended to reduce overall risk of long-term health problems of which excess weight is often a key focus for reduction and maintenance. Counselling and psychotherapy can support women with a PCOS diagnosis suffering with low mood, depression, stress management and weight fluctuations to improve their self-esteem, be more aware of choice points and build emotional resilience over time.

"We came to Denise when we were at a crisis in our marriage, due to adjustment problems after having a baby. It was very much at breaking point and I’m almost certain that if we had not chosen to get help we would have separated. Denise was kind, warm, understanding, empathetic and challenging. She was fair and listened thoroughly, ensuring that she understood both of our perspectives, and helping us to empathise with each other through looking at our individual histories using a genogram. To gain a better understand of where we were both coming from was so vital to the recovery of the relationship, and has helped us gain perspective on what we represent for each other, what our triggers are, and what we need from the relationship.“


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"When I came to you I had no clue how you might begin to be able to help me with my binge eating issues - I honestly felt so low and lost. In my short time with you I feel like we were able to cover so much ground and I saw my self in a new light. You listened to me and I felt like as I was able to get to know myself all over again but from a place of understanding that I never thought would be possible for me. I feel like a new woman and I not only don't have the binge urge, I am growing a new relationship with myself and my food and the way I look at my body. Thank you so much - I really enjoyed working with you and cannot recommend your work highly enough!"


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